Tenants FAQ's

How quickly can I move in?

Our move in process is very simple and straightforward. Our normal referencing process and tenancy admin can take a few days however if you need to move very quickly we have access to a express process which will allow us to get you moved in the very next day.


What references will I need?

We will undertake a credit search, an employment/accountants reference and current Landlords reference (if applicable) You will be emailed an online form to complete and our referencing partners will then take over and confirm with us that all is complete and you're recommended to take up tenancy with us.  We also by law have to check immigration status and a right to rent check which won’t take up much of your time.


How do I know if I qualify?

You must have a UK bank account and be in receipt of an annual gross income of 25x the monthly rental if your looking at a property with bills included in the rent and 30x if utility bills are on top of the rent.   If you know your income is under this figure we can often take into account any savings you may have or utilise a guarantor to help you pass referencing. We like working with good people so if you don't feel your situation quite fit the above its still worth discussing it with us as we will always help where we can.


What happens if I fail referencing?

All is not lost, you can look at the option of paying a lump sum of rental in advance, or proceeding with a guarantor. Ultimately, the Landlord can override the referencing if he/she feels it's appropriate.  We are understanding of everyone's situation and will always do our best to work with you to secure the room for you.


Who can be a guarantor?

Anyone can be your guarantor provided they can satisfy the referencing criteria as set out above and earn at least 30x the rental amount as a gross salary figure.  Your guarantor will need to sign the tenancy agreement and will be legally bound by all terms contained therein. We regularly use guarantors especially when people are just starting out with a new job so it's very normal and easy for us to administer for you.


How do I reserve a room/property?

If you see a room/property you like, don't delay – talk to us straight away so we can answer any further question you may have and secure the room for you. You will then be emailed an offer letter and invoice and once we confirm safe receipt of your funds the room is your subject to referencing.


Can I have pets?

A lot of our houses are house shares we have a no pet policy as we have to make sure we are fair to everyone and also protect people against any particular allergy issues.  If you are renting a whole property from us then pets will be considered on a case by case basis


How long is my tenancy?

Your initial tenancy is just 6 months which flys by!  After this we are always very flexible so you can either sign again to have the security of another fixed period which could be 6 - 12 months or you  automatically become a periodic tenant which means you continue to pay your rent each month and are still bound by the same conditions of your tenancy agreement.  When it comes to moving on in the future you just need to give us a minimum of 1 rental period's notice to leave as per your tenancy agreement.


What does my rent include?

The majority of houses we manage we rent out inclusive of all bills making renting from us very straight forward.  So your rental payment is the only ongoing payment you make each month. We do however manage some houses where the tenants are responsible for utility bills.  We make it very clear in our marketing materials and will also confirm this with you during our viewing. If you are renting a property from us that isn't a house share bills will be your responsibility however we will be clear with you so you know what costs are the landlords and what are yours.


How do I pay my rent?

By standing order – the rent must be received on or by the 1st of each month.  By setting up a standing order that you have complete control over it really assists us as we know we won't need to chase people who have forgotten to transfer rent and it's a automated payment for you so stress free all round.


What happens if my rent is paid late?

If you have a issue please just call us and discuss this with us as we cannot help if we are unaware of your situation.  Mistakes can be made that cause late payment and whilst not ideal if we know and the timescale is short we can often work with this.  All further terms for non payment of rent will be clearly listed in your tenancy agreement.


How do I end my tenancy?

You must give 1 rental periods notice to end your tenancy after the initial fixed term has expired.  This notice can be by email as long as you call/message us as well to ensure we have received it at the correct time.


Do I need to be insured?

It is always wise to insure your own belongings and contents insurance which includes accidental damage will protect your deposit. We have access to a very cost effective policy that we believe is a very good move.  Your landlords insurance will not cover your belongings. Please just ask for more information


What happens if I have a maintenance issue?

The majority of our properties are fully managed by us so your only responsibility is to report the fault to us and assist with access to get the fault resolved.  We have a fault reporting web site that you can save as a homepage on your phone so its takes you just 2 mins to report the fault and then you'll be updated by us as we deal with it.  We are quick to deal with issues so you always have somewhere nice to live.


What expenditure is there at the end of my tenancy?

We make no charges for you at the end of your tenancy. If your room is kept well and free of breakages we need make no deductions here from your deposit.  This is the norm for us as we pride ourselves on a great working relationship with our tenants. You can also opt to clean your room yourself however we often have the feedback that outgoing tenants wish they had just paid for a clean given the amount of time and effort required.  Our cleaning charges are a sensible fee but you are not obliged to pay it. If the property you rented has a inventory you it’s quite normal for the landlord to pay for one and you to pay for the other so you maybe liable for a check out inspection charge.


Who do i speak to if i have any concerns or issues during my tenancy?

We don’t rent and forget! We are always here to help and offer advice throughout the duration of your tenancy with us.  If we can help we will and always do our very best to support our tenants. We commit to always treating other as we would want to be treated ourselves and this great two way relationship with our tenants is what we believe gives us a huge advantage over other managed rooms available.


How will my rent Payments cease at the end of my tenancy?

You are in complete control of your standing order so you just need to cancel the standing order with your bank which is very simple if you bank online.  We do send you a end of tenancy letter at the start of your notice period that does remind you to do this.


When do I get my deposit back?

We aim to return all deposits within 10 days of check out – but the speed at which this money is returned can be improved if you make sure we are aware of any issues that may need resolving during your notice period and make sure the room is handed back clean or allow us to book a cleaner for you. As you can imagine it takes time to obtain quotes for any breakages etc but if we know about this earlier on we can get your deposit back without any delays. 

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